It’s been 48 hours since returning from Austin and I feel about halfway recovered. With free beer flowing from noon daily, one can easily overdo the Shiner Bock. Add to that the 2am jalapeno special at Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza, a few orders of Migas from Maria’s Taco Xpress, some Salt Lick BBQ . . . let’s just say my belly ain’t feeling quite right. Attempts to see 14 bands a day makes it hard to sleep what with all the ear ringing. While I often wish the Bay Area could put on a festival 1/100th of this magnitude, I’m not sure I could handle it right now. I may not even make it out this weekend, but you should.

Make yourself a mini SXSW of your very own!

One of the many SXSW delights this year was the Burger Boogaloo and miraculously San Francisco will host a very similar Boogaloo this weekend. The lineup has already been posted on the Bay Bridged, but here are a few highlights as encouragement.

Submitted for your approval, King Tuff, from Brattleboro Vermont seen here at the amazing Urban Outfitter party last Friday in Austin, and headlining Thee Parkside tonight! Like an unmasked Nobunny with raw garage power to spare. Get there early, you don’t want to miss local legend King Lollipop featuring Cody from Shannon and the Clams! Enjoy Jersey’s Personal and the Pizzas, SF’s Rantouls and Wrong Words while you’re at it.

It’s starting to feel a lot like Austin. Walk quickly over to the Bottom of the Hill and take in a little Wye Oak (pictured above). I don’t think this Baltimore dynamic duo will be playing small venues for much longer. The word is out. They play with local moody folksters, Sands, plus Callers from Brooklyn. I’m not sure they are my cup of tea, but Callers singer Sara has some serious pipes. It will cost ya a mere $10 extra.

Now here is where it gets really interesting. Race over to the Verdi Club, drop another $10, and catch ye’ some Strange Boys. These Austin weirdos are always a good time. They have quickly become my favorite band. Yeah, I said it. Seen here through a very grainy brain at Austin’s Mohawk. You may want to come early for Ty Segall. Get yerself a taco, sleep. It is tomorrow.

Thee Parkside opens its doors at 2pm Saturday for more Boogaloo and BBQ! Don’t miss old local grunge kings The Traditional Fools (Ty Segall on drums?!) or new local garage heroes The Shrouds.

Sadly, this bit may require a cab. Don’t even think about driving! Make a quick detour over to the Hemlock where Chapter 24 should be playing sometime between 6-8pm. Seen here at Waterloo Cycles (yeah, it’s a bike shop with a keg). They come all the way from the UK to bring some in-yer-face, barefoot, tropical rock. A great new find!

The Saturday evening Boogaloo show at Thee Parkside opens its doors at 9pm with headliners Davilla 666 bringing Black Lips style love en espanol from distant Puerto Rico. Portland’s Mean Jeans sound like the Ramones. Atlanta’s The Biters have it bad for the Real Kids. The Booze, also from Atlanta open with a little softer side of the garage. Grab some yummy pub grub at the Connecticut Yankee. You have completed 2/3rds of your mission.

Still alive? For the full effect, check out local buskers, Ferocious Few at Rasputin’s in Berkeley on Sunday afternoon around 1 or 2. Dine on Telegraph, take a nap, the Boogaloo continues at Thee Parkside with doors at 8. At this point you really can’t miss Nobunny and Egg Tooth (Shannon of the Clam’s side project)! Meanwhile over at the Rickshaw, Pepper Rabbit just might be LA’s answer to the Dodos. They are joined by SF’s Cannons and Clouds (harmony laden, acoustic ballads about Dolores Park) and Brooklyn’s Miniature Tigers (electo-Kinks with a touch of Flaming Lips?). Whew!

Oh yeah, it’s Japan Night at the Indy too. Wild women rocking and it’s a benefit for the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. No pressure.

So where is the lust? Be patient! It is right after the jump . . .

Times New Viking of Columbus, Ohio at the East Side Drive in. They will be in Europe for April and May.

La Sera‘s Kickball Katy at Urban Outfitters. She will rock the Rickshaw May 4th with her Vivian Girls.

Shining Twins from NYC! Seen here, appropriately enough, at EZ Tiger (formerly Habana?!). Tragically, there are no tour dates listed yet . . .