Sands returns with the new track “Fares and Tolls” — featuring the otherwordly backing vocals of Two Sheds‘ Caitlin Gutenberger — one of four songs recorded for an upcoming EP. Sands couldn’t be a better pick for the local opener on Friday’s Wye Oak and Callers show at Bottom of the Hill (8:30pm, $12). The three-piece calls upon folk and country’s dark, trance-like elements and tops them off with fine studio adjustments, as it sounds from what Sands shares about recording “Fares and Tolls” below:

One of a handful Sands recorded at The Hangar in Sacramento over the course of 2010, “Fares and Tolls” is a dense hedge of strings wrapped around an enchanted reverie sung by Simmons and guest singer Caitlin Gutenberger of Sacramento heroes Two Sheds. Caitlin is all over these recordings by the way, which is a good thing. Her dude and bandmate Johnny plays tenor acoustic on this track. Live drummer Sam Coe doesn’t show up here, but he plays on most of the rest. New York-based collaborator Dr. Phil Carluzzo contributes mandolin and piano. He blessed the entire session with keys and plenty of naps. Think of the headphones strapped over your ears as golden, warm biscuits and the lush mess emanating forth as a sort of aural ham. Snack hard and often.