Hey, Bay Area high school students: John Vanderslice wants to help you make a record! To celebrate the grand opening of Tiny Telephone‘s new B studio, Minitel, we’re teaming with John and Tiny Telephone to give away a free week of analog recording at Minitel at the end of April, including free analog tape and the services of house engineer Jamie Riotto. Additionally, Minna Choi of the Magik*Magik Orchestra will do a string arrangement and provide Magik*Magik orchestral players for a song. That’s a whole lot of free recording time in a great new facility, so enter our contest now! Good luck!

How This Contest Works

This is a contest for San Francisco Bay Area bands in high school and below. In order to qualify, a majority of your band members have to be age 17 or under.

To enter, submit the below information to thebaybridged

[at]gmail.com by Friday, April 8 at noon. the end of Friday, April 1. We’ll post a group of semi-finalists on TheBayBridged.com on April 4 and launch a week of open voting to pick three finalists. From those finalists, Our judges will pick a winning band and announce the winner on April 11.

If you want to enter your band, send the following information to thebaybridged[at]gmail.com with the subject “Minitel Contest”:

– The name of your band
– The names and ages of the band’s members
– A link to a Facebook or MySpace page (or other web site) for your band
– A short bio describing your band
– A brief description of what you want to do with the recording time (e.g., work on a single, an album, etc.)
– If possible, include an mp3 recording of what your band sounds like
– If possible, include a link to a YouTube/Vimeo video of your band performing

Please remember that some of this information may be posted on our web site.

About Minitel

Opening May 1st, Minitel is a new B room located next door to, but completely separate from, Tiny Telephone. Bookings are currently being taken, and the studio’s rate is $200 a day plus engineer. On the equipment front, the studio has a Neotek Elite 44 input console, Studer 827, HD, and tons of great gear. You can follow Minitel’s construction at the Minitel Tumblr and find out more at TinyTelephone.com.