The Ferocious Few made a name for themselves by performing pop-up shows all over San Francisco and beyond (“in parks, on street corners, at raucous outdoor festivals”). That’s how most people continue to reference the duo – however, as the Ferocious Few gain more momentum, grow a wider fan base, and play more conventional shows, there’s a chance that their guerrilla performing roots may be forgotten.

Enter the Ferocious Few iPhone app. Do you miss seeing the Ferocious Few performing at the corner of 16th and Valencia on any given night? You can now whip out your iPhone instead and see the band rock out wherever you’d like, at any time.

The demo video, embedded above, indicates that the app will allow you to view one of the musicians on your phone playing anywhere from a urinal to your kitchen table (wherever you happen to point your phone), or you can connect your phone to another iPhone to see the band perform as a duo. The app will be available to download in April.

The band has a new “Loc’d Out” video available as well, featuring the duo on projector screens all over the city:

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