Here’s a look at four Bay Area bands and artists who all released new records this week.

While he’s well known as a studio wizard, what struck me most in recently seeing Papercuts perform was that Jason Quever can also write a hell of a pop song. His first album on Sub Pop is the brand new Fading Parade.

Papercuts – “Do You Really Wanna Know”

Papercuts – “Do What You Will”

Transmalinnia is the new Kntting Factory Records album from Oakland psych-rockers Lumerians, a band I tagged last year as in the running to become the Bay’s next great psych act. Aquarius recently called the new record, “Easily, THEE space drone psychedelic hypno rock record of the year.” Don’t sleep on these guys.

Lumerians – “Burning Mirrors”

Lumerians – “Atlanta Brook”

That Ghost (aka Santa Rosa’s Ryan Schmale) has released Songs Out Here this week on twosyllable records. The collection was partially written on Jack London’s estate, and you can currently listen to the whole thing on Spinner.

That Ghost – “Calls”

That Ghost – “To Like You”

Oh, the tragic story of Earth Girl Helen Brown: “Rampant drug use, frequent fainting on stage, and occasional self-inflicted knife wounds on stage led to more interest in her stage antics than her music. However, a few sides did emerge in the late ’90s (recording dates unknown), which feature a unique mix of country, girl group, R&B, and ghoulishness.” In actuality, the act emerged from Sonny Smith‘s 100 Records project and features contributions from Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper of The Sandwitches, among others. The Story of an Earth Girl 10″ EP is out now on Forest Family Records.

Earth Girl Helen Brown – “Hit After Hit”