Local music bloggers Peter Arko (Ears of the Beholder) and Robert Khoury (See the Leaves) today announced the creation of City Limits Records, a label with plans to showcase music from a variety of regional music scenes. Appropriately, the duo are starting first with a San Francisco compilation featuring exclusive songs from a slew of great bands: Melted Toys, Young Prisms, Exray’s, The Soft Moon, Tim Cohen, Magic Bullets, Skeletal System, Kites Sail High, Fiveng, Sunbeam Rd., Maus Haus, Phantom Kicks, and The Sandwitches.

Details below, and at their Kickstarter page, where you can pitch in and score yourself a copy of what should be quite a hot piece of wax.

City Limits Records is a new project from music bloggers, Peter Arko (Ears of the Beholder) and Robert Khoury (See the Leaves). The goal is to promote our local music scene by funding and producing a limited release compilation on 12″ vinyl, featuring 12-14 artists at different levels along the indie spectrum.

Our hope is this record will bring together the artists involved and provide listeners a glimpse of our talented and diverse music community. If this project is successful we would like to bring this idea to other cities as well, and have each future release curated by local influential bloggers/musicians/tastemakers.

City Limits Records Presents: San Francisco

* Melted Toys
* Young Prisms
* Exray’s
* The Soft Moon
* Tim Cohen
* Magic Bullets
* Skeletal System
* Kites Sail High
* Fiveng
* Sunbeam Rd.
* Maus Haus
* Phantom Kicks
* The Sandwitches (just added!)
* and more…