Backseat Beat Episode 8 outtakes

Everyone knows what happens at the end of Revenge of the Nerds. The Tri-Lambs mop the floor with the Alpha Betas during the Greek Games, using their big brains and a Vader mask to demolish the meatheads in competition and score with the hot Pi Delts. The lesson of the movie is plain — the geek shall inherit the Earth.

Backseat Beat episode 8: The Definite Articles, part 2 from Brad Robertson on Vimeo.

In part 2 of episode 8, the Definite Articles don’t have revenge on their minds. They also don’t have nautical fire cannons, vegan donuts, brand-name vibrators, or apocalyptic weather on the brain, either. What they do have, however, are Wrath of Khan, phones that do tricks, and a human digeridoo (digeri-don’t?). Thanks to their ingenuity and intellect, we’ve been pondering the Big Questions. Like what kinds of flavored vodka would be more disgustingly awesome: Twizzlers or (ew) organic fruit?

Backseat Beat exclusive: The Definite Articles perform “Gestalt” from Brad Robertson on Vimeo.

Really, you can’t ask for more from a seven piece orchestral pop band. Enjoy part 2 of episode 8, and if you missed part 1 of the Definite Articles, you can check it out here. Be sure also to watch the full video for Gestalt — Shawn sets his cello aside for a Telecaster to fine effect.