We are thrilled to introduce our new banner artist, Joshua Rampage. Born and raised in and around the foot of Lake Michigan, Joshua studied Fine Arts at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. Heading west in 2005, he settled into the oatmeal weather of San Francisco and began conjuring music and art, collaborating with his surroundings – mainly, people.

I believe somewhere between 1 and 99% of what I create is influenced by everyone around me. Using the strength of suggestion, I encourage others to view things closer, zooming far in and out, making sure all internal mechanisms are fully functioning; specifically, our imaginations.

Joshua would like it very much if you kept tabs on him from time to time to make sure he’s not spending his total waking hours shining his shoes alone in his bedroom. This is a good place to start, under Currents: www.joshuarampage.com