Papercuts – “Do What You Will”

The perfectly set tone completes the video for a new track from Papercuts, “Do You Really Wanna Know.” An open warehouse space with bright wood floors, the admiring spectators with wine in hand, every element of the scene is natural. Or is it?

Yours Truly held a private party at The Common for the filming of their recent Papercuts session, providing refreshments and a warm atmosphere to their guests. I must say, it really felt as if we were part of the creative process. Attentively listening to tracks from Papercuts’ upcoming Sub Pop debut may have been my priority, but the evening exposed this video production start-up’s true colors. Yours Truly not only had conquered their treatment for this project — a serene, low-lit warehouse-turned-living room performance — they also provided a window into their workflow by opening this filming up to an audience (which they also did with their Memoryhouse shoot in San Francisco back in October).

Another thanks to Yours Truly for this masterpiece, and the invite!

Papercuts x Yours Truly 1/11

Papercuts x Yours Truly 1/11