Tommy Guerrero - Lifeboats and Follies

Tommy Guerrero, the musician who doubles as a skateboarder, has a new album out now, the latest since 2007’s Return Of The Bastard. The release of Lifeboats and Follies will be celebrated this Saturday, February 5th at Cafe du Nord, along with “special guests” (9:30 pm, $12, 21+).

Tommy Guerrero – “Que S’est-il Passe”

Tommy’s prolific career has managed to stretch beyond the Bay Area, and yet he always stays true to his roots, as evidenced in this “Syndicate” video, which shows many faces of our fair city. This video was created as “a day with TG in SF” in support of his collaboration with Vans Syndicate. You can check out the shoes that Tommy designed for Vans over at the Vans Syndicate website.

Syndicate – Tommy Guerrero from Off The Wall on Vimeo.