Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all with Rock and Roll, but when I first saw Monotonix at Treasure Island last year I realized I was wrong (again). Monotonix hail from Tel Aviv, and life there certainly creates quite a few interesting characters. The band claims this is their last tour, as the drummer, Bonanza, is about to be a father. “This is a historic moment” yelled lead singer Ami Shalev, insisting everyone sit on the floor.

The band pulled a lot of the same moves as they did at Treasure Island, but it was far more intense in the familiar confines of the Rickshaw. They set up on the floor, surrounded by swirling, swarming fans. Shalev jumped off the stage and onto the crowd. He swam across the sea of heads and climbed up to the balcony railing, singing all the while. With a brief count: “1,2,3”, he jumped back into the crowd.

Nearby a fan in a wheelchair was hoisted up above the audience. The singer swam over and handed him the mike to sing along. The band was topless, in their usual sport socks and shorts, as they proceeded to throw water, mixed drinks, lemon wedges, and straws from the bar into the crowd. The fans replied eagerly with cups of beer and whiskey flying through the room, which ultimately resulted in an impressive dripping ceiling.

Ty Segall had the middle slot. His band continues to morph, now a four-piece with a new guitarist. Ty sported a SAVE KUSF t-shirt and expressed his disbelief at the current goings on. KUSF had a table in the back taking signatures to fight back against the recent take over. Segall ripped through a powerful set, and there was some very enthusiastic moshing. Ty heads out soon for a cross-country tour and will indeed play SxSW again! Catch him 2/9 at the Great American when The Bay Bridged presents Ty with The Oh Sees, Sic Alps and The Sandwitches!!! It’s a benefit for the Coalitions on Homelessness. Don’t miss it!

Nodzzz opened the show. They have reconfigured a bit as well and are now sporting a new drummer. The crowd seemed unfamiliar with these local cult faves, some not sure what to make of them. I grow fonder with each listen. Nodzzz played songs from a new record that should be out in the next few months, but also hit all the classics, including “True To Life”, “Controlled Karaoke” and a great finale with “I Don’t Wanna SMK MRJWNA”. There were some serious DEVO moments that I’d never appreciated before. After some March shows in the UK, they will play April 15th at the Bottom of the Hill with The Art Museums.

The icing on the cake (or bourbon on the rabbit?), was to catch Nobunny at the Ghost Town Gallery. Just in time…