We get more submissions than we can handle here at TBB, so periodically we’ll dip into the mailbag and check out a bunch of songs we’ve recently received. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Big Tree – “The Concurrence Of All Things”

Big Tree relocated from Brooklyn to the Bay Area last summer, and the band’s been playing some local shows while working on a full length album and planning a national tour. The song above, a swirling, energized piece of folk-rock, comes from last year’s Home(here) EP.

Grand Lodge – “Pleasure Out Of Pain”

Grand Lodge is an SF band whose debut EP is expected out in March. There’s a certain 90s-indie feel to some of the angles in “Pleasure Out of Pain,” mixed with catchy art-pop. Grand Lodge emerged from the solo songwriting of bassist-vocalist Smith Dobson.

Prayer to God by Courtship

Courtship‘s not the first band to cover Shellac’s “Prayer to God,” which is understandable given the raw emotions conveyed in the lyrics. Courtship’s Patric Fallon described his approach as “to take the anger and ferociousness of Steve Albini’s original delivery and inject it with some sadness, regret, and loss—the protagonist lamenting his once tender love for the woman he can’t help but despise now.”