String metal rockers Judgement Day are jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon. The band’s Kickstarter project is “An Epic Acoustic Metal Record,” and they are working to raise $2500 by February 8th, 2011.

It’s time for Judgement Day album 3! Throughout our career we’ve done a ton of experimentation with amplifying violin and cello and matching them to brutal, heavy drums. For our third record, we’re throwing that all out the window and taking string metal back to its roots: acoustic violin and cello, and bucket percussion. You may have seen our “bucket kit” by now. We’ve been using it on a few songs at all of our shows lately and for all of our “sneak attack” street performances. It’s a really cool set-up with mega-potential for unique awesomeness.

Judgement Day – “Out of the Abyss”

The money raised by the Kickstarter fund will help the band with several recording costs – renting a small secluded studio space up north, buying food and some new percussion instruments, and paying an audio engineer. Head over to Judgement Day’s Kickstarter page for more info.