1. Visit SaveKUSF.org for all of the latest details.

2. Sign this online petition

3. Send a response letter opposing the station’s sale for inclusion in the FCC Public File. Says SaveKUSF.org:

Please send all complaints and letters about the sale of KUSF’s frequency to USF Assistant Dean of Social Sciences Michael Bloch (blochm@usfca.edu), who is the current administrator holding on to the FCC’s Public File for KUSF. According to FCC rules, all complaints and letters regarding the station are supposed to be included in that Public File.

* To ensure that your comment is filed, please include in the header, or in the body of your message:


* Please send ALL letters you’ve written about KUSF to Michael Bloch ASAP, including ANY emails you’ve already sent to Father Privett or the USF Trustees, or the SF Board of Supervisors.

* Please note that Michael Bloch is a good guy; he’s on our side so please be nice!

Let’s get our call letters back!