Maybe you happened to catch Magic Bullets on our last episode of Backseat Beat, in which these charming men chatted us up about vibrators, Spam burritos (not a euphemism) and cock with wine (we’ll let you decide if that’s a euphemism). Their interview left us with some steamy windows and way more naughty bits than we could fit into one episode, as you can see in the reel of choice outtakes above.

Then again, maybe you missed the episode because your stupid family forgot your 16th birthday because your older sister was getting married on the same day and you were too mopey to spend any time on the interwebs. Well, lucky for you, you can watch it here:

Backseat Beat Episode 7: Magic Bullets on the Bay Bridged

And since it’s a given that the world would be a much better place if we could all teleport back to the heyday of sparkling 80s guitar pop, here’s the complete music video of Magic Bullets’ seriously infectious song “A Day Not So Far Off.” Enjoy.

Magic Bullets

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