Mixtape: Surveying the Indie Pop Renaissance (Podcast #241)

We love psych rock, garage, folk rock, singer-songwriter stuff, and a variety of other musical genres here at The Bay Bridged, but our first love was, and will forever be, indie pop. From the jangly to the synthy, an uber-catchy, clever pop song is something to be treasured. After what felt like a few slightly lean years for the genre (from our perspective, anyway), we’re now in the midst of a real fertile time for great indie pop. This month’s mixtape collects over an hour’s worth of great new and recent indie pop songs, including tunes from almost a dozen Bay Area-based artists. Enjoy!

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1. Eux Autres – “Queen Turner”
2. Tennis – “Seafarer”
3. Craft Spells – “After the Moment”
4. Papercuts – “Do What You Will”
5. Allo Darlin’ – “My Heart is a Drummer”
6. Shugo Tokumaru – “Lahaha”
7. Spectrals – “Peppermint”
8. Magic Bullets – “Everything Flows” (Teenage Fanclub cover)
9. Still Flyin’ – “Victory Walker 2am”
10. Wild Nothing – “Golden Haze”
11. Social Studies – “Holler Boys”
12. Dominant Legs – “Clawing Out At The Walls”
13. Dream Diary – “Bird In My Garden”
14. The Ian Fays – “Everyday”
15. Girls – “Heartbreaker”
16. Twin Shadow – “Slow”
17. Sun Airway – “Oh, Naoko”
18. That Ghost – “To Like You”
19. A B & The Sea – “Baby You”
20. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Say No To Love”
21. So Cow – “Ain’t No Fun”