Foxtails Brigade - The Bread and the Bait

Foxtails Brigade are set to make their official debut – although the band has been playing around the Bay for awhile now, linking their name to a certain jaunty, acoustic neo-folk style.

The Bread and the Bait is scheduled for release on April 12th, 2011, via Antenna Farm Records. The album features frontwoman Laura Weinbach, and was recorded by Scott McDowell, Anton Patzner, Dave Reep and Drew Zagesec.

Foxtails Brigade – “The Bread and the Bait”
Foxtails Brigade – “The Hours”

Foxtails Brigade will be playing live at Viracocha this Wednesday, January 19th (8:00 pm, $5-$15 suggested donation), along with Chloe Makes Music and Jascha vs. Jascha.