Sonya Cotton wrote a six-song EP in memory of her mother, who passed away a year and a half ago after being diagnosed with cancer. To support the recording process, Sonya has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an album that, in her words, “is for all of us.”

Sonya Cotton – “It Wasn’t Long Ago”
[exclusive download]

I’m asking for $10,000 to fund the recording of an album that is a tribute to my mother, who died of cancer a year and a half ago. The album also explores more general themes of loss: the loss of safe space, of home, of wild animals and wild spaces. The goal is to record live – 6 band mates in the same room – at Hyde Street Studio C with Mr. McDowell, at the end of February. Six more local guest musicians will also be adding their talents in overdubbing sessions.

“It Wasn’t Long Ago” is a truly beautiful folk song, and a perfect introduction to what Sonya is working to accomplish. Please consider donating to her campaign, and spreading the word accordingly.

Sonya Cotton will be playing a show at the Rickshaw Stop on January 25th, along with Ever Isles and Honeycomb (8:00 pm, $10).