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Young Prisms – “Feel Fine”
Melted Toys – “Lost Connection”
Sunbeam Rd. – “Circular Breathing”
Jake Mann & The Upper Hand – “Days Are Long”
Grand Lake – “Spark”
Retribution Gospel Choir – “Workin’ Hard”
Cannons and Clouds – “Chameleons Migrate South”

Young Prisms launch tour, new album at Bottom of the Hill
With Friends for Now, SF’s Young Prisms seem to have taken the dreamy, reverb-drenched beach pop of their debut EP and turned up the distortion something fierce. That edge is a welcome compliment to the group’s talent for engaging, hazy melodies. The album’s out January 18th on Kanine, and the band’s playing at Bottom of the Hill on January 19th, with Ganglians, Melted Toys and Speculator.

Worker Bee headlines all-local bill at Cafe Du Nord
“Drenched In Cycles,” from San Jose’s Worker Bee, has the infectious enthusiasm of 90s indie rock mixed with the proggier right-turns of a group that began as an instrumental act. They’re well-paired with similarly indie-prog locals Sunbeam Rd., as well as Sleeptalks and Nick Reinhart (of Tera Melos), at Cafe Du Nord on January 20th (8pm, $10).

Jake Mann releases Parallel South, celebrates at Bottom of the Hill
Remember when we premiered the first single from Jake Mann & The Upper Hand‘s new album, Parallel South? The album is out January 18th on Crossbill Records, and the band is celebrating with a show at Bottom of the Hill on January 23rd (8:30pm, $8, 21+), with Grand Lake and il gato.

Retribution Gospel Choir (feat. Alan Sparhawk of Low) on West Coast tour
Word spread recently that Low was working on a new album called C’mon, but long before that arrives, Alan Sparhawk’s other band, Retribution Gospel Choir, is on a West Coast tour. Unlike Low’s slower, quieter pieces, the Choir’s latest album, 2, is full of crunchy riffs and power pop verve. The trio’s with Peter Wolf Crier and Cannons and Clouds at Bottom of the Hill on Thursday, January 20th (9pm, $10, 21+).