Friends of Tricycle Records Vol 1.

As a special treat for this numerically-aligned Tuesday, the powers-that-be at Tricycle Records have announced the release of Friends of Tricycle Records Vol. 1.:

As we enter our 5th year as an independent record label, our only regret is not having the resources to work with every talented artist that approaches us. So we decided to release a special compilation of local acts that have made an impression on us this passed year. Friends of Tricycle Records Vol. 1 features unreleased tracks from up and coming Bay Area artists including: Ash Reiter, Murder of Lilies, Rich Girls, Fake Your Own Death, Kill Moi and Tomihira.

In addition we’ll be spotlighting unreleased tracks from our own roster of new 2011 releases from The Union Trade, The Frail and The Northern Key. We also know you Geographer fans are getting antsy waiting for their new record, so we are including a special remix of Verona done by dance music producer Adeptus and our good friend DJ Omar.

Ash Reiter – “Ishi”

Friends of Tricycle Records Vol 1. is available now, and completely free of charge via the Tricycle Records website. If you are looking for a way to introduce yourself to more Bay Area artists in 2011, this is a good place to start.