I’ve been infatuated with many local bands this year, but only one has remained on constant rotation on my iPod: Veil Veil Vanish. I first discovered these gothy shoegazers back in March. They were opening for Norway’s Serena-Maneesh, it was the first show I was covering for The Bay Bridged. There was barely enough room for the brooding quintet on stage that night, but they carved out a nice little niche in my brain. I love listening to Veil Veil Vanish late at night, especially when I’m on my own driving home from a show and the city streets are empty and cold.

Veil Veil Vanish signed to Metropolis Records in late 2009. Their LP, Change in The Neon Light which was released in February, is a wall of sound with layered and cascading guitars that interplay with synths and Keven Tecon’s deep and plaintive vocals. If Robert Smith and Mark Burgess had a love child, he might sing like Keven Tecon.

Here are two of my favorite tracks, “Anthem for a Doomed Youth”, and “This is Violet”, both of which appear on Change in The Neon Light. I love the grizzled bass line of Anthem, and the tribal drums of Violet keep me wanting more.

Veil Veil Vanish – “Anthem for a Doomed Youth”

Veil Veil Vanish – “This Is Violet”

Paige K. Parsons is a Bay Bridged photographer and founder of The Color Awesome.