Weekend – “All-American”

San Francisco music is finally back in the limelight. Bands like The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall, Royal Baths and Tamaryn have all released incredibly strong albums this year. But if I had to pick just one great record, I would have to give the honor to Weekend’s debut album, Sports.

I first saw this band back in early January and became instantly hooked on their noisy post-punk sound. The young shoegazers are arguably one of the best live performers in San Francisco, and their energy transcribes perfectly into Sports. The album opens with “Coma Summer” and closes with “Untitled,” but what happens in between these two songs is pure bliss. Thundering basslines pulsate under Shaun Durkan’s vocal melodies, while Kevin Johnson’s guitar playing and Abe Pedroza’s relentless drumming maintain the band’s tight consistency and overall texture.

Up until November, I had to settle for the 10″ single released on Mexican Summer but the wait for a full-length album has been well worth it. For a band that seemed to be overlooked for a long time, they have created a record that speaks volumes of their talent as musicians. As the album finishes at its most chaotic point, Durkan repeatedly yells, “I came alive,” with utmost intent as if he is announcing that Weekend have come alive and are ready to take the world by storm.

Robert Khoury is the founder of See The Leaves