Weekend – “Coma Summer”

Weekend was one of the top local bands on my radar this year. I went to several of their shows and watched them evolve as a band and refine their sound. It all boiled down to hearing their debut album, Sports, which dropped late in the year on Slumberland Records.

Within days of its release I sat down to my first listen. The moment I started the opening song, “Coma Summer,” any nervous anticipation I had for this record was pushed out the door by heavy distorted guitars and fuzzy, howling vocals. My takeaway from interactions with the band, is they’re incredibly focused – and it really shows on the finished product. The energy alone that grows from one song to the next makes this album a really fun listen. By the end, you’re buzzing like a transformer. The other week I snagged the double LP at Aquarius Records to cement the album as a favorite of 2010. I suggest you do the same!

Peter Arko is the founder of Ears of the Beholder.