[wpaudio url=”https://www.thebaybridged.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Still-Flyin-Bull-Riff.mp3″ text=”Still Flyin – ‘Bull Riff'” dl=”0″]

Going to a Still Flyin’ show isn’t really like going to a show at all; it’s more like being at a party where half of your friends are onstage and they’re all better at karaoke than you. Hence the title of their latest album, A Party In Motion, which combines genres like 80s New Wave and rocksteady into a disco-fueled romp that would make even ABBA and Boney M jealous.

Chugging away through the San Francisco (and European) music scene since 2004, Still Flyin’ has played nearly every venue and street festival here you can think of, plus a few places that aren’t around anymore, with new members continually popping out of the woodwork and latching on like some sort of indie Voltron. And yet, despite all the fuss, hanging out with the band remains a celebration of pizza, high fives, and Top Gun soundtracks.

Which brings us back to being at a Still Flyin’ show where it feels like half of your friends are on stage — the fact is, they probably are, most likely because they just hopped up there while lost in the rhythm and are now joining the roughly 15-member set for a spontaneous on-stage dance party. So why aren’t you up there too?

Andrew Sarkarati writes for the San Francisco-based blog Mission Mission.