The Dodos, Verizon Coffee Shop Series
It’s hard to conceal the excitement when hearing it straight from The Dodos that their new fourth album is their most exciting yet. Going back to the producer of their first two records (John Askew) as well as the two-man lineup, Long explained that the Dodos’ March 8, 2011 release on Frenchkiss combines all the last ones, and additionally:

It doesn’t sound quite as raw as Visiter, but it has the energy of that record. One of the things that we intended to do was to really just to make a record that was exciting, almost to the point where it might be unlistenable. We just wanted the energy to come across. I think we succeeded in that regard.

As we know, the Dodos had been testing out new material while on tour with The New Pornographers and at their ‘Coffee Shop Series’ show at the Victorian Theater in May.

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