The Ferocious Few

How does this happen? How does a local two-piece band known primarily for their busking endeavors end up opening for Cyndi freakin’ Lauper on her U.S. tour?

Sure, the Ferocious Few landed a deal with Birdman Records for a full-length record after months of appearing on San Francisco street corners on any given evening. They drew a crowd at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival and impressed many at SxSW (including those who attended our very own Bay Area Takeover). They continue to play both on and off the streets, cultivating a noteworthy fan base along the way.

The Ferocious Few – “Porcelain Doll”

But opening for Cyndi Lauper, the queen of “True Colors,” of all people – this is something I could have never predicted. And you know what? It’s pretty awesome.

The Ferocious Few have already opened a few shows for Ms. Lauper, and will cap it all off with a hometown show on December 18th at the Independent. Tickets are on sale now.

Hat tip: Not Shocking.