If it seems like things have been quiet on the Sacramento front, we should clear that up. Here’s the latest commotion coming from up north.


Pregnant – “Wiff of Father”

Pregnant comes from the Sierra foothills, a solo musician (real name: Daniel Trudeau) who gets it all done himself via looping, pedals, playing guitar and/or saxophone, anything to maintain a one-man show. The result is nothing hard on the ears — these elements blend into a bright, electronic psych-folk medley, with creeping dark undertones. Trudeau’s album Regional Music is out now on Life’s Blood, and he has also released on the freeform radio-linked label KDVS Recordings. Hear more of Regional Music on Pregnant’s Bandcamp site.

Pregnant has a dual music-art show for Second Saturday in Sacramento on November 13, at Bows & Arrows (more details on MySpace).

Appetite began as the solo project of Teddy Briggs, member of Sacramento’s hyperactive What’s Up?. After exploring solo recording under the name Chief Briggum, Briggs recorded a second full-length on his own and assembled a backing band for his live shows with members of Sholi. Appetite’s Scattered Smothered Covered integrates the crisp and the complex, playing on the lyrical bounce of hip-hop and delivered over electronic pop and softer guitar-structured numbers. Recommended for those who enjoy What’s Up, Why? and Menomena.

Right now, Scattered Smothered Covered is available on Appetite’s Bandcamp site. It was just announced that the record will be re-released on vinyl and with bonus tracks next spring/summer on Crossbill Records, the Sacramento label that released Sea of Bees’ debut Songs for the Ravens earlier this year.

Not only holding a geographic connection, Appetite and Pregnant have been caught grooving as one (via Terroreyes.tv). Trudeau is also featured on Appetite’s 2008 full-length, and Briggs claims he’s been a “huge inspiration.”

There is a special spontaneity and freedom that lives in his music that I admire, where I feel very strict with my songs and their various parts. I would hope we’d be able to collaborate in the future and we have discussed it.