We know the Hotel Utah is a confined space — two-tiered with a cozy lower-stage below a micro version of the opera overhang. In turn, the venue appropriately books mellower performances, such as an open mic night or a variety of folk/Americana/singer-songwriter performers. Getting out of their expected casting, the Utah has lined up jubilant Denver surf pop band, Tennis for Sunday (9pm, $8). Might as well throw those loveless, impersonal large concert experiences out the door, and expect just enough space to bounce off the person next to you during the group’s steadfast surf-rock medleys. Tennis has a 7″ on Underwater Peoples, and the debut full-length comes out in January on Fat Possum (The Walkmen, Wavves, Smith Westerns).

Tennis – “Take Me Somewhere”

My first tasting of Tennis was encouraged by visuals: this enchanting photoset from a show they played with SF heart-breakers Magic Bullets and Family Portrait at the Glasslands Gallery in NYC (via Brooklyn Vegan). Judging by the photo/video survey, the show appeared considerably full of people and excitement onstage. The real wonder is how a little sardine can like the Hotel Utah will handle this peppery band and the turnout it should seemingly muster. It may be just the night to dance like a canned little fish.

Here’s a segment of Magic Bullets’ set from that Glasslands show — they are not playing the Hotel Utah on Sunday, but this song should push you through your Wednesday: