Blackbird Blackbird

A Bay Area Electronic Pop Mixtape (Podcast #235)

In compiling this mix of new and recent music from eleven San Francisco Bay Area-based artists, I’ve searched in vain for a singular theory to explain the recent proliferation of local electronic pop. Does the tech-heavy business climate here mean techier indie musicians, geeking out on synth sequencing and effects? Or are the Bay’s bedroom pop songwriters employing more electronics as it continues to get easier to manipulate software synths to create satisfying layers of sound?

Most likely, there’s no single answer to explain the catchy melodies and experimental approaches employed by the collection of new and emerging artists on this tape. Indeed, while synthesizers may unify them, the sounds in this mix are diverse, including hazy dance pop, intimate bedroom gems, and much more.

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1. Blackbird Blackbird – “Starlight (Feat. Steffaloo)”
2. The Spirit Spout – “October”
3. Electric Sunset – “Soda”
4. Exray’s – “Ways To Stop Time”
5. Eskmo – “Cloudlight”
6. oOoOO – “Burnout Eyess”
7. Elephant and Castle – “The Look”
8. Fiveng – “Easy”
9. Fops – “Maple Mountain”
10. James & Evander – “Turtle Two”
11. Wallpaper. – “Indian Summer”