So, I went to church last Sunday. To be honest, I’m not a churchgoer, but the Episcopal Church of St. Mary hosts a neat series of free shows called Candlelight Concerts. Local old-time band The Crooked Jades played, moving easily along a wide swath of Americana music. Their work is has made its mark nationally as well; recently their song “Fork and File” was in the Sean Penn movie “Into the Wild” and they made the soundtrack for the PBS documentary “Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait.”

The band played in the lucent church, framed by hundred-year-old redwood planks and candles. Their voices, keening and lonesome, brought the wilderness of old-time music into the nave. Lead singer Jeff Kazor walked the line between revivalist and whisperer, howling murder ballads and softly coaxing solemn songs. The church was the perfect space for The Crooked Jades, gathering their resonance high overhead and holding it.