11:00PM (JH) all treasured out! b&s were certifiably tweelicious! until next year…

10:30PM (MBL)encore!

TIMF 2010

10:00PM (MBL)best clappers now on stage. boy with the arab strap!

9:30PM (MBL)b n’ s sing-a-longs!,!

9:20PM (JH) holy arrangementville…

9:15PM (MBL)i’m a cookoo!!!!

9:00PM (JH) b&s – the indie generation’s Beatles?

9:00PM (MBL)here they come!!!!!

TIMF 2010

8:20PM (AG) Rogue Wave. Always good! Hometown love!

8:00PM (JH) Rogue Wave digging their heels in…reverb shimmers across the bay, dual guitars get the ever loosening crowd going.

TIMF 2010

7:15PM (AG) that version of ‘Squalor Victoria’ was pretty phenomenal.

7:00PM (MBL) sure the national have spare guitars and roadies to fix fallen mics but the ferocious few are unstoppable!

7:00PM (AG) The National. Dramatic. Excellent.

7:00PM (BVH) Pretty sure The National are one of the great 21st century American rock bands.


6:10PM (MBL) ferocious few 10min near silent disco!!!!!

6:10PM (JH) New Surfer Blood tune super melodic, giving way to a harmonic infused Interpol-esque dark power ballad…evening sets in

6:05PM (JH) BSS breaking out the old jams from the first record…

5:37PM (AG) Kevin Drew says we look nice. That’s nice of him. Thanks, Kev.

5:10PM (AG) Broken Social Scene asks the crowd to give them some energy since they’re at the end of their tour.

Monotonix at TIMF 2010

Monotonix at TIMF 2010

Monotonix at TIMF 2010

Monotonix at TIMF 2010

Monotonix at TIMF
The Monotonix go insane, as usual

5:05PM (MBL) shalom!!!!!!

5:00PM (MBL) Tel Aviv’s monotonix turn it on! crowd walkin’, garbage bag floatin’ good times!!

4:55PM (JH) Mono on, already paving his way the crowd like a way skinny half-naked Israeli lebowski

Ferocious Few at TIMF 2010
The Ferocious Few busking on the island

4:40PM (AS) SF’s foremost buskers, The Ferocious Few, are setting up to play at the Carnival. Head over for an unexpected treat.

4:30PM (MBL) roll over beethoven!

She & Him at TIMF 2010

She & Him at TIMF 2010

She & Him
Crowds for She and Him

4:15PM (AS) It’s good to know that Zooey from She & Him made sure her outfit matched with her tambourine. That’s style right there.

4:10PM (AG) Monotonix getting set up for their upcoming off-stage ruckus. http://yfrog.com/jcja0bj

TIMF 2010

4:01PM (JH) Epic rendition of Station in the Valley closing for S&C

826 Valencia @ Treasure Island
826 Valencia @ TIMF 2010

3: 58PM (TBB) 826 valencia has a pirate store? check out the eye patches,skull bracelets,and compasses!

The Sea & Cake at TIMF 2010

3:52PM (JH) Sam Prekop of S&C layin down the post rock martini-laced jazz cool…

3:45PM (AG) Sea and Cake sound great! Also, I think my clothes have finally dried off from all the rain earlier.

3:32PM (TBB) crowds packing in for chicago’s sea and cake!

Superchunk at the Bridge Stage

[media id=50 width=530 height=300]

Superchunk at TIMF 2010

Superchunk at TIMF 2010

2:52PM (MBL) Superchunk flashin’ some breast! crowd nearly moshing!

2:42PM (AS) And lo the clouds parted and a single ray of sunlight did shine down on Superchunk.

2:34PM (AS) Last Papercuts tune hitting so good – smooth whispered vox over a medium-simmered dance beat…

Flamingo Truck
Flamingo Truck

Papercuts at TIMF 2010

Papercuts on the Tunnel Stage

2:26PM (JH) Last Papercuts tune hitting so good – smooth whispered vox over a medium-simmered dance beat…

2:01PM (MBL) sf’s own papercuts bringin’ the sunshine

Korean Taco Truck
Delicious Korean style philly cheese steaks can be had here.

1:44PM (AG) This afternoon’s Ferris Wheel Confessions have been postponed until 3:00 p.m. due to the rain. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Ra Ra Riot on the Bridge Stage[media id=49 width=530 height=300]

Ra Ra Riot at TIMF 2010

1:35PM (JH) Super upbeat start from the Riot!

The Mumlers at TIMF 2010

The Mumlers at TIMF 2010

1:00PM (MBL) mumlers-pirates in shorts

Noise Pop Staff working hard in the rain.
Noise Pop staff working hard through the early afternoon rain today.

12:49PM (TBB) FYI: The Mumlers were moved to the Tunnel Stage.

TIMF 2010

Phosphorescent on the Tunnel Stage[media id=48 width=530 height=300]

Phosphorescent at TIMF 2010


Phosphorescent on the Tunnel Stage

12:11PM (AG) Phosphorescent – lovely as always. Warm sound to counteract the rain. http://yfrog.com/b9x38dj

12:02PM (JH) A little moist here…the shufflecore off kilter soul of the Mumlers should help shake off the drizzle

11:50PM (AG) FYI to Sunday attendees: umbrellas are NOT allowed in to the festival grounds. Raincoats and ponchos and good shoes! Stay dry!

11:57PM (NLB) hella ponchos waiting for Phosphorescent to start on the bridge stage http://plixi.com/p/51293251

Treasure Island Rain
Early morning rain not too daunting

11:33AM (TBB) Day one was an absolute dance party. This morning arrives with rain and clouds. Be sure to bring a poncho and some warm clothes. We have high hopes the rain will stop soon. See you on the island!