11:20PM (NB) I saw some great music, meet tons of nice people. My first TIMSF was awesome. Thanks everybody!

LCD Soundsystem on the Bridge Stage

[media id=47 width=530 height=300]

11:00PM (NB) LCD Soundsystem. Wow.

10:43PM (NB) Watch your step folks – at this point there is a lot of weird stuff on the ground.

10:32PM (AG) LCD Soundsystem, baby. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

9:35PM (NB) Mr. Murphy looks dapper in his white suit.

9:25PM (NB) People at the Main Stage are super pumped for the Soundsystem, or they like the yacht rock the house is playing.

Miike Snow on the Tunnel Stage[media id=46 width=530 height=300]

9:15PM (NB) These Miike Snow dudes know how to get down

9:14PM (NB) Is there a special on beer? Everyone is double fisting.

9:00PM (NB) Finally made it on the ferris wheel. Super fun. I made new friends.

8:48 (ML) foggy, backlit, masked miike snow is so spooky and ethereal!

8:40PM (ML) fog machines at miike snow. so pumped!

Deadmau5 on the Bridge Stage[media id=45 width=530 height=300]

8:15PM (AG) Deadmau5 visuals: http://yfrog.com/mvs3hbj

8:11PM http://yfrog.us/6hsizz

Crowd at Four Tet
Crowd at Four Tet

Costumed crowd
Costumed crowd

Dancing crowd
Dancing crowd

Silent Disco and skull
Silent Disco and skull

8:10PM (BVH) If you are going to DJ atop a giant three-dimensional Tetris piece, you might as well be wearing mouse ears.

8:05PM (NB) His and hers homemade light-up Dead Mau5 masks. Cute.

7:45PM (NB) I asked a concertgoer how they would describe Little Dragon, they said “indescribable”. Word.

7:30PM (ML) the verizon tent has a charging station! so clutch.

7:11PM (NB) Plastic bottles suck, get your canteen filled by TIMF for a buck or buy one and get free refills all weekend. Smart.

7:10PM (NB) Come dance with me!

7:05PM (NB) Silent Disco is so AMAZING!! Hundred people dancing with headphones on TIMF is killing it.

7:00PM (NB) Crazy electonic carnaval music performance at the Carnaval. Awesome!!!

6:12PM (NB) It’s getting a bit chilly – one more incentive to dance.

6:11PM (AG) Kruder & Dorfmeister, plus a big ol’ dance party. #timfsf http://yfrog.com/0ylstsj

6:00PM (ML) the silent disco reminds me of that episode of happy days where they get the fonz to think he’s deaf by dancing in the silent diner.

Four Tet on the Tunnel Stage[media id=44 width=530 height=300]

6:00PM (NB) Four Tet, thanks for bringing the polyrythms to #TIMSF

Hula hoops
Hula hoops!

Pacific Art Collective mural wall
Pacific Art Collective mural wall

6:07PM (BVH) Four Tet’s heady grooves + sun descending + contact high = you do the math

5:40PM (ML) four tet is providing sublime ferris wheel tunes.

The Silent Disco[media id=42 width=530 height=300]

5:22PM (NB) Eagerly planted myself near the front of the Tunnel Stage, waiting for Four Tet!

5:07PM (ML) this festival has some top notch people watching.

5:05PM (NB) I am seeing a good amount of fake mustaches #TIMF2010

4:50PM (NB) The DIY tent is dope!

Pirate Stilts!

Deadmau5 fans in line for food.

4:50PM (AG) second round of Ferris Wheel Confessions starts at 5:00! Get ready! #timfsf

3:43PM (BVH) No band has ever made me think “I could do that” less than Die Antwoord.

3:32PM (NB) Ninja decided to ditch his pants.

3:31PM (ML) most legit freestyles, hair cuts and facial expressions ever courtesy of die antwoord today.

3:20PM (NB) Lessons in South African slang from Die Antwoord.

3:15PM (ML) first crowd surf of the day with die antwoord?

Die Antwoord on the Bridge Stage[media id=40 width=530 height=300]

3:13PM (NLB) just reported from the mainland: Die Antwoord is audible from Coit Tower. Like, clear as a bell.

3:00PM (ML) die antwoord kicking off their set with crazy didgeridoo. oh goodness!

Die Antwoord: Before the pants came off.

2:51PM (NB) Through my polling I have determind that Die Antwoord is the band everyone wants to see.

2:45PM (ML) free book making lessons @ workshop tent from 2-4!

2:14PM (NB) A lot of fun group outfits: escaped convicts, safari, bears, and a slew of indescribable Burning Man fare.

1:30PM 826 valencia, crossroads, sanfranpsycho, oaklandish. So many awesome vendors this year!

1:15PM (NB) Wallpaper even has people dancing in the line for the ferris wheel.

Crowds starting to grow as Wallpaper. perform on the Tunnel Stage

12:53PM (ML) it’s all giggles and jams over at the tunnel stage right now!

12:43PM (NB) Dance party at the Tunnel Stage. Oakland’s Wallpaper are bringing it.

12:42PM (AG) Wallpaper. T Rex. Now the party starts. http://yfrog.com/mu2rvwj

Wallpaper. at the Tunnel Stage

12:40PM (ML) @maushausmusic sound great even outside the gates!

12:30 (NB) Maus Haus: “Who are you here to see? Shout on the count of 3.”

12:10PM (AG) Maus Haus are kicking things off, and they sound fantastic. http://yfrog.com/jcgr3rj

Maus Haus open up Treasure Island Music Festival 2010!

11:40AM (AG) looks like it’s open for business! http://yfrog.com/2spr0j

11:30AM Maus Haus in 30 minutes!

10:55 AM (AG) it’s breezy but the sun is peeking out here on the island – sunglasses and hoodies are a go.

10:24 AM (TBB) We’re live on site for the Treasure Island and will be updating this post with commentary, photos and videos throughout the day. The sun’s coming out and it’s warming up. Should be in the low 70s later today.