Surfer Blood
In the spirit of the upcoming Treasure Island Music Festival October 16-17, The Bay Bridged had a chat with Tyler Schwarz of Surfer Blood. They are scheduled to play Sunday along with all the weekend’s indie rock acts. Stay tuned for more interviews from this year’s artists leading up to the festival.

TBB: You seemed to have a lot of success right out of the gate, and you have continued to be successful. How does it feel?

We starting to get into our mold, bigger shows. It’s still really exciting every day. We are going on tour with Interpol. Playing Treasure Island is exciting. I am happy we are playing festivals. I am happy we are playing Treasure Island especially. We haven’t played many festivals in the U.S. It’s fun to see people you like.

TBB: Are there any bands you particularly want to see?

There are a lot of great bands playing. Belle and Sebastian are playing. That’s like icing on the cake for me. That’s my main riff.

[Asks the other guys in the band over the phone] Yeah, Belle and Sebastian!

TBB: So you recently had a song appear on 90210.

I had people texting me, telling me. I had no clue.

TBB: Are you guys fans of the show?

Of the original, I was a huge fan. I have all sisters. Older sisters, my mom, my grandma, oh man. Luke Perry, he was Dylan right? I think he died in a car crash? On the show. I remember there was one scene where someone gets in a car crash. It was a rainy night, I think it was Dylan.

I love 90210. The guy at the burger place was so cool. Mel, I think. Melrose Place was cool too, but too many people were getting married on the show. It just started getting weird.

TBB: Have you started writing the next album?

Yeah we have been writing on the road, writing at sound check. When we get home from the Interpol tour we are going to work on stuff.  Whether it be demos, or recordings, or just jamming. It will be cool.

TBB: So you haven’t decided on a direction yet?

I know its going to have a bunch of guitars. Guitar music, I guess. I think it is going to be completely different than the first thing. It’s not going to be punk at all.