21 Grand, by kathybukes
Photo by Flickr user kathybukes

21 Grand is an art gallery and live music/performance space in Oakland, serving the local community since 2000. Recently, the venue was slapped with a “cease and desist cabaret activity” order from the Oakland office of the city administrator, resulting in the cancellation of most of their upcoming live shows (the shows that were not cancelled will be allowed via special event permits). No more live shows will be scheduled until issues with the venue’s permit are resolved.

This is a serious issue for 21 Grand, hindering our ability to continue to serve the experimental arts community. It also removes a major source of income that keeps our doors open. We are still figuring out how to proceed as an organization.

In the meantime, 21 Grand needs other events to fill the slots that would normally be reserved for live shows:

21 Grand currently has zoning clearance for the categories of “community assembly” and “cultural non-assembly”. So, if anyone has anything in mind for lectures, workshops, or renting for private rehearsals – please keep 21 Grand in mind. Live shows were a major part of 21 Grand’s activity and income; that time is now available, and other activities to help fill the gap are welcome.

21 Grand is holding an emergency rummage sale this Sunday, October 3rd from 12:00-8:00 p.m. to help raise some extra money, selling their unused items from storage. Head down to 416 25th St., at Broadway, to show your support, and check out 21 Grand’s website for more information on upcoming events, as well as any updates on their permit situation.