Back in July, our contributor Elizabeth Maki was part of a small audience to John Vanderslice performing live on the Mission-based community radio station and cafe, Pirate Cat Radio. Well, here’s the next set of gorgeous performance videos from that broadcast, generated by One Night Music. John performed alongside Jamie Riottot on standup bass, and concluded the session with an interview. A little bit about the session:

Allow me to be frank: JV is the most righteous dude out there — he is just super. Here is why: Tiny Telephone. In 1997 he founded one of the Bay Area’s most infamous studios, serving up recordings for bands such as The Mountain Goats, Spoon, and Rogue Wave. More importantly, perhaps, it has served as home for a great number of the Bay Area’s musical family tree. The space Mr. Vanderslice has sliced out has not only evolved into a very important independent industry standard, but his particular presence in the community has made him one of the most beloved indie musicians of the area. Like I said, super.