I shot this video in Texas in 2004. It was my last intimate encounter with Will Johnson and the first time I had heard “Nothin’ But Godzilla.” I’ve seen Will with Centro-matic and South San Gabriel, indoors, outdoors and in the rain.

This week he came to my neighborhood, on his current tour, which is house shows only! Show number 28 took place in Oakland and the 29th in SF. Will was joined by Anders Parker, former Varnaline frontman. Both told great stories of broken down trucks; Will spoke of dog sex, and Anders drank wine and had Neil Young moments as he sang of “stayin’ up all night.” Will drank beer and pulled out sweet renditions of “Flashes and Cables” and yes, “Nothin’ But Godzilla.” We drank our own blend of whiskeys and hung out in the kitchen with them, like we were in high school, giggling nervously, wondering why there are not more living room tours.

Thanks to the good people at The Undertow Music Collective for putting it together and sneaking me in.