Tamaryn (Podcast #230)

This week’s podcast profiles Tamaryn, the duo of singer Tamaryn and producer Rex John Shelverton (Vue, Bellavista, Portraits of Past), whose debut full length The Waves is out now on Mexican Summer. After some singles and an EP born of a bicoastal partnership, Tamaryn left New York to come out west and create The Waves. The album is simply stunning, blending haunting Gothic tones and the lush sonic environs of shoegaze with a strong dose of dreamy melodic pop. The pair’s collaborative dynamic, evident in our interview, is surely one of the secrets to The Waves‘ success. Tamaryn’s voice is bewitching throughout the record, and it layers well with the ornate textures Shelverton has crafted from deceptively few instrumental tracks.

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We sat down with Tamaryn and Rex to discuss the duo’s beginnings and the impact of Tamaryn’s move from New York to San Francisco on the band’s sound. We’ve also included four songs from The Waves in the episode.

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– Visit Tamaryn on Facebook and MySpace.

– Purchase The Waves from Mexican Summer or on iTunes.

– Check out the band’s video for “Love Fade.”