Backseat Beat is a video series highlighting indie musicians and the city by the Bay. Armed with Flip cameras, we interview bands in the back seat of our ’83 Volvo as we spirit them away to unexpected, forgotten corners of San Francisco, where they plug in outdoors to play a few tunes. Each band’s performance transforms these urban spots from their anonymous day to day existence into surreal, magical backdrops.

Taking turns in the back seat today is local indie-pop sensation My First Earthquake, also known individually as Rebecca Bortman (vocals), Chad Thornton (keyboard, bass), Andre Salcido (drums), and David Lean (guitar). We kidnapped the crew for an adventure of fiery proportions at the Box Shop, a metal shop, arts community and performance space in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point neighborhood.

My First Earthquake has been busy this year gigging regularly, launching a Rock Band version of one of their songs, and cranking out a perfectly crafted 4-song EP entitled Crush, which has generated tons of great press for the band as well as one incredible fan video that pretty much sums up how the locals feel about these kids. The band is almost finished songwriting for a new full-length album, for which they’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign this fall. Chad assures us it’s “a little darker and punchier than the more recent stuff, but with plenty of danceable beats and the like.” The band’s next show is on October 15th at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, opening for Blood Red Shoes.

In episode 3, Rebecca, Chad, Andre, and David play one of the songs from Crush, and Rebecca rocks some crazy flame-throwing action in between her witty lyrics. What can we say? Shooting this episode was hot. Special thanks to Box Shop founder Charlie Gadeken for letting us film on site.

You can download My First Earthquake’s EP Crush for free from their website:

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