Window Twins
As side projects go, finding the time and reason to get together and make something often takes the backseat — especially for those busy with bands like The Fresh & Onlys or Exrays. Still, Tim Cohen and Jon Bernson managed to bust out a new Window Twins track, entitled “4th Place,” posted to Secret Seven’s website.

Window Twins – “4th Place”

Here’s a great excerpt from the Howells Transmitter site that aptly describes Window Twins’ sound:

Cohen and Bernson collect these remarkable moments into living layers and build them into homemade skyscrapers. The Twins deliver magic from both sides of the glass, with one hand on the music box and one on the mixing board. According to their green light manifesto, ideas move quickly to tape. Nothing is lost in translation. What remains is quirky, addictive and strikingly honest. The mixed messages are constant, but with no intention to conceal: their nostalgia for a dark future is real

I have to agree with the above claim — “4th Place” is dark, and deeply southern feeling — especially in the way the thick bassline creeps in and out from underneath repeated sentences.