8/16 Thee Parkside: Makh Daniels tribute
Last week, the local music community lost Makh Daniels (28), to a car accident on his return home from tour. Daniels was a longtime Bay Area resident involved in many music projects (the latest being metal band Early Graves), and also worked at The Rickshaw Stop up until his passing. A benefit show will take place tonight at Thee Parkside — on the bill, all local bands Daniels would call his family will play songs and share stories about his life, such as Magic Bullets, Comadre, Walken and Grayceon.

Daniels was in the latest issue of Decibel Magazine, in a feature about San Francisco bars and venues. This blog took the liberty of scanning the article in a post remembering Daniels. A PayPal account has been set up to take donations for his services, linked to the address ripMakhDaniels@gmail.com.