Another live performance made possible by One Night Music was posted last week, featuring Devotionals, the project of one of Two Gallants (Tyson Vogel) and the Patzner brothers. Vogel has been living and playing music in the city for a long time, and this session captures a few moments of his recollection, not to mention was recorded with a perfect backdrop — the very San Francisco-feeling dwelling of Michael Musika. It goes without saying that this session holds an intimacy spot on to Devotional’s appeal, and the session notes from ONM’s Elia Vargas definitely agree:

That Saturday afternoon at Michael’s, there was a lot of bustle, a lot of movement, but the quiet rhythms – those wondering sounds you must strain to hear, like squinting at the sun through a rain-drop – suggested the world is just as small as it needs to be. Little fairies tiptoed on the keys of old typewriters. Devotionals commanded everyone’s attention.

Friday, Devotionals will celebrate their record release at Bottom of the Hill with Kacey Johansing and Sean Hayes (9pm, $12). More songs from the session are posted on Vimeo and the ONM site.