8/6: Pure Ecstacy, Young Prisms @ 111 Minna
Yourstru.ly and Blood Drank Magazine are throwing a party on Thursday, and you’re all invited.

Pure Ecstasy was one of few bands during SxSW that could say they actually lived there — and were probably some of the nicest people I met in town. But many people are nice, and really, what does that have to do with why someone should go see a band? Well, I guess I’d describe their songs just the same as I would their personalities, because they too are laid back, warm, and, as many would say, are riding that proverbial chill wave.

If the noise level can’t stay low enough in this bustling downtown gallery Thursday, your second chance to check out Pure Ecstasy, SLEEP ∞ OVER and Rangers will be at the Amnesia Bar on Friday (8pm, details here).

Sleep Over – “La Rose”

Young Prisms – “I Don’t Get Much”