Girls Rock!

The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp organization has carved out a spot in our local community for girls to glean strength from rock and roll.  The girls work together with their female instructors and volunteers to learn instruments and make music, and find their voices in the somewhat male-drenched din. The BAGRC and other regional camps stem from the Portland organization, Rock N’ Roll Camp for Girls (the first of its kind), where “Girls Rock” is not just a saying, but a state of mind.

‘Girls Rock!’ is a movie that documents the early days of girls rock camps, filming scenes and interviews from one of the week-long Portland camps. From the Girls Rock! website:

The film follows several campers: Laura, a Korean adoptee obsessed by death metal; Misty, who is emerging from a life of meth addiction, homelessness and gang activity; and Amelia, an eight-year-old who writes experimental rock songs about her dog Pipi. What happens to the girls as they are given a temporary reprieve from being sexualized, analyzed and pressured to conform is truly moving and revolutionary.

The organizers behind Bay Area Girls Rock Camp are scheduled to screen ‘Girls Rock!’ this Saturday, July 24th at Actual Cafe in Oakland. A screening like this is not to be missed, as it will also be an opportunity to learn more about the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp as a local, empowering organization. The event will start at 7:00 pm.