Local lushes The Saviours have been gone all summer, conquering Europe like some sort of tatted-up, four-headed George Patton. The band are a remarkable feel-good story for these Ke$haful times, surmounting each successive challenge with enviable ease. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since Warship (Level Plane Records) first slid out of the drydock.

After a full slate of massive outdoor festivals in the Old World and a late-summer junket on Ozzfest, the hesher quartet will return to the Bay, ten steps closer to being a headbanger household name. An Ozzfest off-date at Slim’s August 10th clashes tragicomically with one of the best metal tickets of all time: the epic Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity/Goatsnake show at DNA Lounge the same night. 11th st. will be transformed into a whirlpool of leather, hair, beer, and weed.

Most groups would be content to bask in the rewards (chemical or otherwise) of such a jam-packed touring schedule, but Saviours had a different plan: they settled down in Den Haag with producer and psychedelic maven Guy Tavares, steward of the cult Motorwolf label. The band has long espoused a love for old-school recording techniques, and Tavares was able to give them the “16 track, 1″ tape, no punch-ins, edits or automation” experience they craved. Their official blog promises a two-track EP, featuring two versions of the same song — a normal version, and a 21-minute psychedelic alternate freakout fever dream version, which might well hearken back to the doomier sound of the earliest Saviours records. Expect it to accelerate your living.

Saviours – “Acid Hand”