Walking in Sunlight (Ghost Mansion Records)

Three beautiful voices, a banjo, and timeless folk songs — Walking in Sunlight released their first full length on their Bandcamp site this week, via Ghost Mansion Records (Two Sheds, Dame Satan, Low Red Land). In the beginning, Nathan, Greg and Eva convened to share the pleasure of singing Carter Family songs together, but their three-part harmonies brought them to explore a wider realm of old-time songs and on to composing some originals. The trio’s first, ten-song album surveys traditional songs, covers of Will Oldham and Doc Watson, and revisits songs from their previous projects (including Last of the Blacksmiths‘ “Everybody Up There,” and Dame Satan/Sands‘ “Suffering Daughter”).

<a href="http://walkinginsunlight.bandcamp.com/track/backseat-lies">Backseat Lies by Walking in Sunlight</a>

This Saturday, Walking in Sunlight will celebrate the album’s release with physical copies for sale, though online orders won’t ship until July 12. To order or purchase a digital copy at your price, visit the bandcamp site.