Backseat Beat Episode 1: Moomaw & That Blasted Hound from Brad Robertson on Vimeo.

[Editor’s Note: Today, we’re pleased to present the first episode of a new video series called Backseat Beat, showcasing Bay Area indie bands in some unconventional settings. We hope you enjoy this first show as much as we do. Look forward to more episodes here on The Bay Bridged in the coming months!]

Backseat Beat is a new web-based video series highlighting indie musicians and the city by the Bay. Armed with Flip cameras, we interview bands in the back seat of our ’83 Volvo as we spirit them away to unexpected, forgotten corners of San Francisco, where they plug in outdoors to play a few tunes. Each band’s performance transforms these urban spots from their anonymous day to day existence into surreal, magical backdrops.

In this, our inaugural episode, Nathan Moomaw (of Moomaw) and Davyd Nereo (of That Blasted Hound and Beatbeat Whisper) take a ride with us to a watery stretch of industrial wasteland littered with tires and tiny crabs. Shot before they took off for their recent European tour, these two troubadours harmonized and strummed their way through a few songs from their joint project, Pangealogical.

Backseat Beat
Created by Brad Robertson
Produced by Brad Robertson & Dana Goldberg
Hosted by Jasmine Blocker