If you’re looking for a reason to head down the coast this weekend, the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur is throwing the “Vinyl in the Woods” record fair on Saturday, July 3rd, from 11am-11pm. In a press release, Magnus Toren, the Library’s Executive Director explained his longstanding love of vinyl as motivation for the event:

When I was 14 years old in 1968 vinyl was the only way to buy music. I learned the English language through reading liner notes and translating lyrics because I was very interested in music. It’s nostalgia on one level and it also makes me think it’s too bad that young people now don’t get to have that.

Babaloo, a Cuban food truck from Carmel Valley, will be providing eats, alongside DJs and musical performances by Mystery Lights (Salinas) and SF’s Seventeen Evergreen. So far, confirmed vendors at the fair include: Drag City, Amoeba Records, Burger Records (Fullerton, CA), Vinyl Revolution (Monterey), Origami Vinyl (LA), B Music/Finders Keepers (LA), and FutureRecordings (San Diego).