Beyond Berkeley Guitar

Berkeley Guitar was released back in 2006 as a celebration of the guitar. 2010 is the time for Beyond Berkeley Guitar, the next step in appreciating the guitar for its history and seemingly endless capacity for nuance. This new release, out now on Tompkins Square, will be celebrated on 6/29/10 at Amnesia (9:00 pm, $7):

As a follow up to 2006’s release, Berkeley Guitar, we are excited to host the CD release of Beyond Berkeley Guitar, a compilation of guitar creations, put together and produced by talented local Sean Smith. The new CD frames the past and present phases of guitar, filtered through young virtuosos like Richard Osborn, the talented Ava Mendoza, and steadfast subtleness from Chuck Johnson and Trevor Healy.

Chuck Johnson – “A Struggle, Not a Thought”

The show will feature all of the guitarists featured on the CD: Ava Mendoza, Aaron Sheppard, Sean Smith, Trevor Healy, Richard Osborn, Chuck Johnson, and Lucas Boilon. The disc can be obtained either at the show, or via the Tompkins Square Records website.