The Sandwitches - Duck Duck Goose EP (Secret Seven)
Either The Sandwitches have some longstanding resentment against the lullabies they heard as little girls, or they just felt like taking something bright and putting a lampshade on it. The Duck Duck Goose EP (Secret Seven Records/Empty Cellar) will have a 500-quantity run on vinyl and is available for preorder, shipping July 13. From Secret Seven:

On their latest Vinyl release, Heidi and Grace from San Francisco’s The Sandwitches perform four heartbreaking acoustic lullabies interwoven with the spookiest sessions of Duck Duck Goose! ever caught on tape. Recorded and Produced by Wymond Miles (The Fresh & Onlys) and The Sandwitches, Duck Duck Goose! features haunting renditions of Tim Cohen’s “Rock of Gibraltar” (a bonus track from the Two Sides of Tim Cohen), and of the Oscar-nominated ballad “Baby Mine”, from what some say is the most heartbreaking moment in Disney cartoon history. Stamped on one-sided 12″ vinyl, the initial pressing of this EP is limited to 500 copies brought to you by Secret Seven Records and Empty Cellar.

The Sandwitches – “Song of Songs”