The Aimless Never Miss – “SOB”

Releasing what they’ve named a “trans-genre” album, The Aimless Never Miss introduce their first self-released full length, The High Dive to Lo-Fi, Volume 1. The album’s witty name and its audible diversity work hand-in-hand as quite the entertaining contradiction. About the The High Dive, which is for sale on the band’s website:

It’s taken over 2 years to produce, and is by far our most ‘experimental’ album to date. The 13 tracks range from rock to folk, Americana, punk, gypsy-jazz, and into the indescribable…If you like music that can’t easily be defined, and are bored with albums where every song sounds like the last…

Some new members will be playing live with TANM on Saturday at Fort Gallery in Oakland (683 26th Street at Martin Luther King), where the band will be joined by Judgement Day and The Burning of Rome.